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Why is At Home Laser Hair Removal Better than in Salon?

Every girl wants to be pretty, but unfortunately, beauty often costs a considerable amount of money. Getting rid of unwanted hair is not an exception. Laser hair removal is probably one of the most effective treatments for unnecessary hair nowadays. 

Most home devices, as well as salon services offered on the market, use light-based methods of hair removal. All of them make skin smooth and clear of hair. But when it comes to choosing between a professional procedure and home treatment, it might be challenging. The most common question of girls remains unchanged: Is it really a must to go to the salon each time you want to get rid of unnecessary hair, or is it possible to complete an entire therapy at home getting the same effective result? 

Along with the rapid development of the beauty industry, laser hair removal devices have become widespread. Having the same principle of work as a salon treatment, home laser hair remover has become an integral helper to many girls. So instead of wasting your time and money on endless salon sessions, you can get your skin soft and clear right at home. On top of that, you do not have to be a pro user of laser hair removal devices to complete such a treatment on your own. Therefore, home laser removal stands on top of salon procedures, and it has many more benefits that we are going to review further.

Home Use Laser Hair Removal Devices: Pros and Cons

Although laser hair removal has been around for over two decades now and there are hundreds of widely available home devices, it took some time before the method was fully explored. Fortunately, it is no longer a problematic issue to get rid of unwanted hair at home for the long term. Here are some advantages of laser hair removal at home over other methods:
  1. Affordable price. Unlike the professional salon treatment where you would have to pay for every new procedure, you will pay for the device once and thus use it an unlimited number of times.
  2. You can do hair removal procedures any time you want. You do have to sign up for a salon treatment every 2-3 weeks, which is quite uncomfortable, especially if you have a busy schedule. On the contrary, your personal device will be available for you anytime at home.
  3. Effectiveness. The epilation session takes a short time and ranges from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on a zone you need to treat. You will need from three to seven sessions to get visible results. After the first epilation, the hair will start to fall out intensively, and the newly grown hair will become rarer and thinner.
  4. Pain-free procedure. With at-home laser hair removal, you can forget about the pain that was torturing you during hair treatment with tweezers or wax.
  5. While using laser skin removal, you will not only get rid of unwanted hair but also improve your skin health.
  6. A home laser is usually a portable device that doesn’t take much space.
  7. Long-term result. Unlike alternative hair removal methods, a laser can help you get rid of unwanted hair for a long time. High-quality devices can save you from unwanted hair forever.
Although hair removal at home is the most beneficial treatment against unwanted hair on your body, it has a few disadvantages, which are the following:
  1. Low power. Manufacturers of home laser hair removals intentionally reduce the power of devices so that you won’t harm yourself. Yet, that lessens the efficiency of the procedure in general.
  2. Laser hair removal has several contraindications, including diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, tanned skin, etc.
  3. If a device breaks down, the repair will be quite expensive.

Our Hair Removal Devices

The laser epilation industry has rapidly developed in recent years. Modern hair removal devices are becoming more and more diverse. With our latest units, you'll be one step closer to a perfectly smooth skin:

How To Use

If you have no contraindications for using the hair removal device, feel free to start home treatment. Follow the guidelines below while using the hair removal device:
  1. Skin must be dry and clean before treatment.
  2. Run the first session in a small area of your skin, and then watch the reaction for 24 hours.
  3. Remove hairs of 1-3 millimeters long.
  4. Restrict the time spent on the sun two weeks before the procedure.
  5. Do not apply the device to the same skin area twice in one session.
  6. The treatment can be repeated no sooner than two weeks after the first session.
  7. Do not wear tight clothes after the procedure.
  8. Do not use any alcohol-based makeup for 14 days after the treatment.
  9. Use SPF 30 sunscreen during summer before going out.
Hair loss is not immediate, but within two days after the procedure, you’ll start tracing a visible efeect. Do not apply any cosmetics to the skin before hair removal. Do not use the device in case of diseases or skin injuries, during pregnancy and lactation. Blood diseases, tumors, and diabetes mellitus are also contraindications to hair removal. By using the hair removal device correctly, you will be able to achieve smooth skin for a long time and without significant financial expenses.


The desire to get rid of unwanted hair on the body easily and quickly is a common thing nowadays. Yet, most girls keep using wax and other painful methods because of the uncertainty that personal laser hair removal is safe. 

The truth is, the equipment testing in the laser hair removal industry was carried out since the 1960s. Devices that were capable not only of doing their job successfully but also of minimizing side effects and pain were approved and sold in 1997. Nowadays, this treatment is recognized by professionals and customers as one of the best existing hair removal methods. 

The FDA approves most contemporary devices, including laser ones. On top of that, hair removal devices are also recommended by dermatologists all over the world. Therefore, you can get rid of unwanted hair once and for all with maximum comfort even at home.

Neck hair removal is essential for shaping haircuts and beards, as well as for a well-groomed look of any man. However, it isn’t just a typical male thing, as women also remove neck hair – mostly on the back of the neck if they want to look perfect with a short haircut or when wearing their hair up.
An overwhelming majority of women are faced with the problem of unwanted hair in particular places of their bodies. Starting from adolescence, girls begin to notice hair growing on their legs, and the question of how to remove it immediately arises.
Long gone are those days when women could recognize the men’s masculinity just by their ability to fight wild animals and the way they looked: hairy bodies, big arms and legs, wide backs. Today, men care about their looks as much as women do.


Does Home Laser Hair Removal Work?

Yes, it does. During laser hair removal, the light from the device is absorbed by melanin, which is the hair pigment. It heats up and begins to destroy the neighboring cells responsible for hair growth. Consequently, the root gets removed, and the hair falls out after a few weeks.

Does it Hurt?

It all depends on your pain threshold. Most people experience a slight tingling sensation or just heat during a laser hair removal session. Yet, nobody’s suffering in agony from such a procedure.

Is This Product Suitable for Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin sometimes becomes red or swollen in the process. Therefore, you should make a patch test before starting a laser hair removal procedure to see how your skin reacts.