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The Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Let’s Get Rid Of That Fuzz Forever

Self-care has become a must for women all over the world nowadays. However, our lives have been speeding up in the last two decades, leaving us less time to care about our looks. Oftentimes, we have to decide whether to spend more time with our families or go to the beauty salon. Therefore, we decided to create this overview for you to help you get familiar with home upper lip hair removal.

How It Works

The removal of the hair around the lips with the laser became popular due to its easiness and long-term effect. Although its effect can seem confusing for the person who never tried that, the principle of the laser work is very simple. The light influences melanin, the skin pigment that gives color to our hair. Consequently, the follicle of every hair is being damaged and the fuzz growth slows and stops after a few sessions.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal at Home

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

As not every lady can devote enough time and money to visit a beauty salon for a laser hair removal lip, many of them started to look for a DIY procedure at home. Some do it with a special cream, others prefer wax stripes, but neither of those means is suitable for everyone. If you have tender skin, they are likely to bring harm, since the former has chemical components and the latter requires you to tear wax off the skin to get rid of the hair.

On the contrary, SkinMyDreams device allows you to remove your lip fuzz without any additional effort. This handset is easy and very effective for use at home since it takes only two or three operations to remove the hair for a long time. For a lip zone, the process will take from 3 to 5 minutes depending on the thickness and density of the hair. The last but not least benefit of this device is its long-term use, as it was designed to serve you for 15 years without any additional purchases.

The Benefits and Side Effects

If you are confused whether upper lips laser hair removal is worth your try, take a look at its positive sides:
  1. The results are predictable. The vast majority of people lose their hair after a few sessions. Some need 7 or 8 manipulations, others 3 or 4, but the result is always the same: no annoying hair on unwanted parts of your body.
  2. It works accurately. The laser light targets only hair while leaving the skin around it in the same state. You will not notice any impact on your skin after a long time.
  3. It is quick. Laser hair removal upper lip takes less time than using wax or creams.

Compared to other epilation methods, the side effects of removing the fuzz of your lips with the laser are rare. You will hardly experience dryness or irritation on your skin, nor will you feel that your hair is still growing again soon after you removed it. Hence, you should not be worried about any unpleasant outcomes, but still, remember to take care of your skin after the laser epilation. Don’t expose target parts of your body to the sun rays and do not apply any tonics, creams, or lotions - these simple rules will help you avoid any extraordinary reactions of your body.

Laser Hair Removal on Upper Lip: Before and After

After using SkinMyDreams home laser epilator, you will notice the following:

  • New hair will become thinner;
  • It will grow slower;
  • Its number will lessen after every single procedure;
  • Your skin will look lighter due to the absence of hair in the lip zone.

Laser Hair Removal on Upper Lip: Before and After

Mustache Laser Hair Removal Preparation

The first thing you have to do is consult your dermatologist to decide on further laser hair removal. Mustache zone is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body and that is the reason why you should not overlook this stage. It is also important to discuss any skin illnesses that you may have and the medicine you’ll need to take or apply to your skin to treat them.

Second, make sure to schedule your first arrangement in advance, even if you are about to use a home device like the SkinMyDreams handset. Try to take into account your period and the possibility of pregnancy, as pregnant women are advised to refrain from the procedure.

Third, before your first session, let your doctor know about all vitamins and dietary supplements that you are currently taking, as well as the skincare cosmetics that you use. It is crucial if the former contain beta-carotene, or the latter have any fruit acids. These substances can make you vulnerable to the laser light, so your dermatologist may advise you to stop taking them for a certain time.

Fourth, two weeks before your laser hair removal, the upper lip zone should not be shaved, waxed, or epilated in any way so that the laser will have a job to do. Also, forget about sunbathing at least 2 weeks before the first procedure. A month of no sunbathing or visiting the solarium will be even better.

Next, on day X, use only a light face cleansing product in the morning and don’t apply makeup. If needed, your doctor will tell you what topical to use before you start.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Are Required?

Please take a look at the factors that influence the number of procedures needed to forget about the hair:

  • Heredity. If everyone in your family has thick and dark hair, you are likely to need more arrangements than the person with thin and blonde hair.
  • The way your body will respond to the procedure. Sometimes, it takes longer for the body to adjust to this treatment.
  • Patience and regular repetition of the process. To see the results faster, you should apply laser with a certain regularity, so please take your time to do that and don’t miss sessions.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Upper Lip Cost?

In the US, the costs of laser hair removal differ by the part of the body and the area you live in (in bigger cities the cost will be higher). The pricing for the upper lip zone starts at $100 and goes up to $300 per attendance. Compared to the professional upper lip laser hair removal, the cost of the manipulation with the SkinMyDreams home device is cost-effective. The price of IPL hair disposal handset is only $99.99, and no additional expenses will be needed. Even if you buy it for the regular price of $199, you will still spend a lot of money since this home gadget will function for at least 15 years for any part of your body.

Is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Painful?

No. Laser hair removal upper lip does not hurt, scratch, or bother you in any other way. However, some people reported feeling like being slapped by a rubber band at the moment of the laser application. It can be explained by the delicacy of the skin in this zone and its vulnerability to any kind of epilation.

If your skin is very sensitive, you may see a little redness in a zone of hair disposal after the manipulation. Still, it does not hurt since it is similar to a light sunburn. To get rid of this feeling, ask your dermatologist for the relieving treatment and apply it according to their recommendation.

Is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes. If your dermatologist allowed this kind of treatment and you have prepared for it thoroughly, it is safe for you. It does not matter where you decided to remove your upper lip fuzz - either at home or in a salon - the process cannot harm you if you have no contraindications for it.

Remember that the disposal of the hair on the upper lip does not cause cancer, further hair growth, etc. Such myths are oftentimes spread by people who did not prepare for their arrangement well or had fewer procedures than they needed.

The bottom line

Today, a lot of women are trying to find the best solution in their fight with the undesired body hair. Some options seem dangerous, others look ineffective and uncomfortable for application on the upper lip. Thus, we propose you to try out the new SkinMyDreams gadget that successfully targets the upper lip fuzz with the laser light. Its benefits include:

  • the price (its cost is the same as the cost of one laser hair disposal arrangement with the doctor);
  • the simplicity of usage (it can be applied anywhere on your body);
  • long serving life (no additional purchases of removable parts are needed).