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Laser Hair Removal for Legs: The Ultimate Solution

If you ask anyone what all the known hair removal methods have in common, you’ll probably get the exact answer: discomfort and exhausting, time-consuming procedures. In terms of discomfort, the experiences may range from mildly annoying to outright painful. If you’ve ever cut yourself when shaving or screamed during a waxing session, you know how intense the unpleasant sensations can get, and how unfair it feels that going through such pain yields only short-term results.

How Laser Hair Removal for Legs Works?

Technology brings us to modern hair removal methods that promise to get rid of those hairs for good. Today, opting for laser hair removal seems like a worthy investment, and a blessing as compared to cheaper alternatives that have been popular for decades. Why is laser hair removal on legs renowned for some of the best results?

For one thing, laser hair removal is less time-consuming than many other options, for another - it is fairly effective in the long run. Tiny laser beams target melanin (dark pigment) in the hair to burn it and destroy the hair follicle, thus minimizing hair growth. This is how the method works.

The advertising materials often throw in a disclaimer mentioning laser hair removal should be referred to as a semi-permanent method that drastically reduces the appearance of hair, but doesn’t get rid of it forever. The laser doesn’t detect non-pigmented hair or any hairs that aren’t currently in their growth phase, but it works well for most people over time. Those who opt for laser hair removal legs treatments are usually satisfied with the results after an average of six sessions, while starting to see a difference after about three.

At Home Laser Hair Removal for Legs

The most important thing to note is that the results of individual laser hair treatment plans greatly depend on consistency. But it is not surprising that consistency is hard to ensure due to the appointments being pricey and spaced 4-6 weeks apart. While many laser and skincare salons offer packages of sessions at discounted prices, it isn’t that much of a saving but more of a bigger initial investment. It is actually not very helpful and consistency-wise, as those who are not great at keeping appointments may assume. Moreover, even if the discounts seem attractive, it is not the best idea to buy packages of sessions before you try laser leg hair removal to see what your own experience is like.

Laser Hair Removal Legs

To minimize treatment times and trips to the specialists, many companies offer laser hair removal devices that are smaller versions of professional equipment, handy enough to be used at home. However, some of them aren’t cheap either, and they mostly come with 120,000 to 250,000 or 300,000 flashes, while cartridge replacements are obviously expensive or not even available for some of these products. So the functionality of many at-home laser hair removal devices is not sufficient, or their price turns out to be almost twice as much if you consider the replacements.

Unlike most brands, SkinMyDreams focuses on the user experience first and foremost, making it as convenient and affordable as possible. SkinMyDreams handset allows performing your own laser hair removal treatments for many years without worrying about running out of flashes (600,000 flashes should be more than enough). SkinMyDreams is also gentle even on sensitive skin while providing the extended functionality without the hassle of replacing anything.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits and Side Effects

One of the awesome things about using lasers for hair removal is that this method does not cause ingrown hairs. Laser treatments do not strip off the surface layer of skin cells along with your hair like waxing, and won’t cause allergic reactions like depilatory creams. However, a reduced risk of side effects isn’t synonymous to their full elimination. After every laser treatment session, some redness of the skin or swelling around the hair follicles is likely to occur, but these are temporary and minor side effects. 

The greatest advantage of laser hair removal is the gradual reduction of hair along with the slow-down of its regrowth, but it is not a fast process and not a guarantee of absolutely hair-free legs after a number of treatments. Some hair follicles may be not completely destroyed, but only damaged as the result of a laser hair removal session. The hair will start growing again at some point, though finer and slower, hopefully to be picked up by the next laser treatments. But while some advertisements make it sound as if you'll never see any body hair again after the right number of visits to a laser clinic, it isn’t true. Most likely, after completing your treatment plan of 6-10 sessions, you will need some maintenance ones for smaller patchy areas, sparse or individual hairs.

Sometimes, laser hair removal can cause burns, scarring and skin discoloration as lasers may also target skin pigments. That’s why laser treatments don’t mix well with dark or tanned skin, and it is essential to avoid tanning for two weeks before and after each laser hair removal session. 

Laser Hair Removal Legs Before and After 

We all want to have smooth skin without lengthy, painful and costly procedures. With SkinMyDreams results, we have no more excuses to make. After a regular use of the laser hair removal device, you’ll notice how quickly your hair becomes lighter, thinner, and rarer. See for yourself.

laser hair removal on legs

Legs Laser Hair Removal Preparation 

In the heyday of laser hair removal, people with dark body hair aren’t the best candidates for great results. If you have dark skin, it is also recommended to consult an expert who can recommend the type of epilation best for your skin tone. Another important restriction that sometimes gets ignored (and later regretted) is sun exposure. Unfortunately, laser treatments performed after recent sun exposure are known to be the most common cause of such side effects as hyperpigmentation and scarring. 

Shaving is the only method to be used before and in between the laser treatment sessions for optimal results, and it is for a very important reason that you have to shave the area the day before the procedure. Laser flashes should be able to damage hair roots by heating the hairs stemming from those roots, but if the hairs are too long, they can burn your skin.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Legs are Required?

Six to ten treatments are generally recommended for achieving a significant overall reduction of hair counts (ranging from 70% to 90%). It certainly seems discouraging that you need this many, while carving out time for treatments every four to six weeks may turn out to be next to impossible. Some people will need more sessions than the others, and most will need a few maintenance treatments after those basic 6 or 10. This makes the broader picture look quite complicated for the salon-bound folks, not to mention the overall expenses of leg laser hair removal if you add sessions up. However, you can cut the costs if you use a home laser hair removal device such as SkinMyDreams for treatments of needed areas, especially on the smaller areas that need a touch-up after a significant part of your hair is gone.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Legs Cost?

If you search for ‘laser hair removal cost legs’, the results will be all over the place, ranging from $200 to $600 or even more, mostly depending on whether you need full leg laser hair removal or only want to focus on the lower legs area. The knee area may be included in the lower leg laser hair removal cost, or it may be considered additional so you’ll be expected to pay extra. For many people with lower budgets this sounds heartbreaking for sure, and the home-use laser hair removal devices priced around $400 aren’t affordable either. However, the discounted price of SkinMyDreams can be a lifesaver for many of those who have almost given up on their smooth skin dreams. If you know anyone whose dream can be made true for just $99, it makes for a great gift as well.

Is Legs Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Regardless of what the laser salons promise, laser hair removal legs might hurt – mostly during the procedure, but sometimes also after. The discomfort ranges from burning or prickly sensations to snaps of pain some people find excruciating or associate with matches being lit against the skin. The specialists who perform laser hair removal on legs use numbing gels and lotions to minimize pain before and after the laser treatment. These reduce the unpleasant effects, but often don’t make the experience as painless and smooth as you’d like it to be. Laser hair removal devices for home use are generally not that powerful, but SkinMyDreams is gentler on the skin than most of them, and you can perform your own treatment at your own pace, so SkinMyDreams is your easiest and least painful alternative to laser clinic sessions.

Is Legs Laser Hair Removal Safe? 

Laser hair removal is safe when it is done by certified professionals and the type of laser used is right for your skin. Laser hair removal at home can be considered safe as long as you don’t get the settings wrong. Some users of those compact handheld devices who just can’t wait to see the dramatic improvements assume that higher intensity levels provide better results and quicker progress. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the enthusiasts who think they could be done in half the time (while their skin is supposed to adjust) often end up with burns and scars. So make sure you take your time and start gently. After all, it makes sense when you’ve got so much time together with the SkinMyDreams 600,000 flashes you won’t run out of for years. 

Bottom line

Laser hair removal may be an expensive and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be so challenging. Consider trying it in the comfort of your home when time, schedules and extra expenses are no longer a concern, so you can focus on your experience, progress and choices without thinking about limits, steep prices, haste and doing what you have to instead of what you choose to do. Embark on your relaxed, stress-free journey to the smooth skin of your dreams and feel comfortable starting it from your home.