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Laser Hair Removal for Chin: What Should You Know About This Procedure?

How It Works

Facial hair can become a significant threat to the appearance. Nowadays, laser hair removal is an efficient solution to this problem. This method of epilation is increasingly gaining the trust of many people. It’s not a secret that every woman wants to look perfect: the face is always in view, and excessive hair does not provide it an aesthetic look. In addition, the problem of unwanted hair is also relevant for men, since the use of a laser allows them to emphasize the beard or mustache shape and look great in any situation.

Of course, there are many methods to remove facial hair, and all of them require a systematic approach. For women, the hair on the chin often becomes a cause of serious discomfort. The reason for this problem usually lies in hormonal disorders. If the root of this issue is genetics, correction of the hormonal balance may not bring the desired result. Therefore, you should consult your doctor before making an appointment for an epilation session.

Several different types of lasers are in use today, and your doctor should make a decision on which one is best for achieving optimal results. For example, a long-pulse ruby laser was the first device used to impact hair follicles selectively. Its use leads to long-term hair loss, but this laser is very rarely used due to several side effects and the risks of skin burns.

Alexandrite laser is suited for treating large areas of the body. However, its use is not recommended for removing hair on dark and tanned skin due to the absorption of melanin on the surface of the skin, which can lead to burns, hypopigmentation, and scarring. The diode laser can be considered a gold standard of hair removal at the moment, as it is very effective for both light and dark skin tones. Besides, it is the only laser approved by the FDA to be used for adolescents.

Chin Laser Hair Removal at Home

laser hair removal beard

At present, one of the most innovative hair removal technologies of photo epilation is IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. It is based on the feature of broadband light to penetrate the skin and exert a selective effect on the treated area. Hair follicles on almost any part of the body are effectively destroyed. Also, the production of collagen is stimulated on the skin to increase its elasticity.

IPL hair removal is one of the safest and most painless methods of hair removal. This is due to the short-term effect of the luminous flux on the skin, as well as the right selection of the power and duration of irradiation. The skin type and its sensitivity should also be taken into account. Currently, laser hair removal devices based on IPL technology can be successfully used at home.

One of these handsets is SkinMyDreams IPL device. Using it, you can remove unwanted hair comfortably at home. You do not need to sign up for this procedure and visit a beauty salon every time you want to get rid of unnecessary hair on your chin. The desired effect can be obtained at any time upon your choice. Also, you can save time and money usually spent on cosmetic treatments.

Although hair removal at home is the most beneficial and comfortable method against unwanted hair on your body, this device has several disadvantages, namely the low power and high cost of its repair.

Benefits and Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal 

Laser epilation allows you to permanently remove useless hair without irritation and injuries of the skin. It is applied for unwanted and ingrown hair on the chin, as well as black spots after shaving. Among the benefits of chin laser hair removal, we can distinguish an affordable cost of this procedure, painlessness, safety, and long-term effect. One session takes no more than 10 minutes, and excess hair completely disappears, no longer causing discomfort after several sessions.

However, laser hair removal has several contraindications, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, skin problems, and even tanning. A fairly common side effect of laser hair removal is slight redness and light burns of the skin. You should not be frightened though, as this redness usually disappears after 10 – 30 minutes. This effect does not require special treatment, and it heals on its own. In some cases, skin swelling, blistering, discoloration, and scarring may also occur.

With a correct selection of the laser parameters, there should be no complications. A test should be performed before the procedure to minimize the possibility of any side effects. Laser hair removal can be done as early as 24 hours after the test. If you notice any signs of problems with your skin, you need to see a doctor. It is also worth remembering that lasers remove light and gray hair very poorly.

Laser Hair Removal Chin Before and After

Preparation for chin laser hair removal has some particularities. The skin on the chin is quite delicate, and therefore it requires due care. You have to avoid removing hair two weeks before this procedure in any way except for razor. Also, it is necessary to stop using antibiotics during this period. Do not apply lotions containing alcohol three days before and three days after the application of the laser hair removal chin. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and the use of sunscreens. The skin should be smooth for better results, so shave your face several hours before hair removal.

Don’t use skin-irritating cosmetics, scrubs, and alcohol-containing products after the procedure. For a day or two after each hair removal session, you may feel a slight burn. Be careful during this time. Avoid any heating, hot water, or exposure to the sun. Soon, you will notice new hair growth. This hair will begin to weaken and fall out over the next few weeks. To consolidate the result, you will need several procedures of chin hair removal. With each session, the number of hair will be reduced.

chin laser hair removal

Beard Laser Hair Removal Preparation

Contemporary men are actively choosing hair removal procedures on their faces. After several sessions of beard laser hair removal, it is no longer necessary to shave and trim the beard every morning and cope with ingrown hair. Before the procedure, you should thoroughly shave your chin with a razor. Do not use ointments, creams, and lotions. Direct sunlight should also be avoided a couple of weeks before the procedure and a few weeks after it.

During epilation, a laser beam is directed to the skin area. The effect is manifested in the conversion of the laser beam into the heat that burns hair. Light waves generated by modern devices for hair removal penetrate the hair follicles and destroy them. In this way, further hair growth is prevented. During hair removal, gels or moisturizers are not usually applied, so no chemical or sticky residues remain on the skin.

After the manipulation is completed, special dermo-cosmetics are applied to the treated area to soothe the skin and prevent possible redness. It helps alleviate the effects of skin heating by laser. The procedure of beard laser hair removal should be repeated every few weeks, which allows you to get rid of the remaining hair follicles and sustain the results attained.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Chin are Required?

Using laser hair removal, you can get rid of unwanted chin hair for at least a few years. During the hair removal procedure in the chin area, the laser beam penetrates the hair bulb and destroys the follicle. Then, the hair is pushed out of the skin within 10-14 days. At one time, the laser processes about 30% of the hair in the stage of active growth. Therefore, other procedures are required, and the average number of sessions can vary from 5 to 10.

The right number of procedures is determined by a specialist based on the individual characteristics of your skin. Even after the first laser beard removal, the hair will begin to fall out intensively, and newly regrown hair will become sparse and thinner. If you want to remove your hair with a laser permanently, then you need to repeat the treatment in the future to maintain the effect.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Chin Cost?

The cost of laser hair removal varies depending on the treated skin area — the price increases along with the size of the skin area. The price you pay also varies from one provider of such services to another. Given that several sessions are often required to stop hair growth, this is not a cheap procedure. However, if you want to have an attractive appearance, then laser hair removal chin can be considered as a long-term investment.

Although prices are different in each beauty salon or clinic, the cost for a chin hair removal session is between $50 and $100. Many health and cosmetic facilities offer discounts for a whole package of procedures. In some places, clients can get discounts by paying in advance for several sessions or choosing additional treatment of other parts of the body.

Is Chin Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Most customers describe the laser hair removal procedure as light and warm pinching. Hence, the entire process is not painful. Both uncomfortable feelings and itching are usually minimal, but your well-being depends on your tolerance of pain. New laser devices with cooling tips help reduce unpleasant sensations. Also, painkilling creams are offered in some salons. However, some people may experience skin burning and crusting in the affected area. If this effect is too painful and disturbing, you should consult your physician.

Is Chin Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Most experts believe that laser hair removal is safe enough, and patients typically tolerate it well. Any significant health risks associated with this procedure were not identified. Laser hair removal does not injure the skin and gives a longer-lasting effect than, for example, the use of wax. If you have a severe illness or pregnancy, you should postpone or give up such a procedure.

However, some people may experience minor side effects after the procedure of laser beard removal. So, it is advisable to visit your dermatologist in advance to check how a particular area of your skin reacts to laser treatment. It is also essential to always use the services of only qualified personnel. During the procedure of laser hair removal beard, you should be given safety glasses to protect your eyes.

The Bottom Line

Laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people when this procedure is correctly performed. Several sessions may be required to delete unwanted hair completely, and permanent hair removal is not always guaranteed. Currently, portable laser devices for hair removal are available for use at home.

However, despite the apparent advantages of hair removal at home, it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals. When turning to beauty salons, you will be offered the best services, a professional approach, and respect. You will enjoy having smooth skin on your chin for a long time in the long run.