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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Arms

Having body hair is natural, and people should accept themselves for who they are. But sometimes certain external factors, such as fashion or views of other people, may confuse ladies and make them search for effective ways of hair removal. By the way, laser arm hair removal gained popularity in recent years. If you think that it’s too expensive and ineffective, it’s time to explore the key benefits and effects of laser hair removal.

How It Works 

If you are tired of extra hair on your arms and neither shaving, nor waxing helps to remove it permanently, laser hair removal is the best way to get rid of annoying hair to feel confident and look gorgeous. None of the abovementioned ways of hair removal can destroy the hair follicle, except for the laser. The laser radiation used in this method is the light with the same wavelength and higher energy density. 

This light is absorbed by melanin, a pigment that gives color to human hair. Then, the melanin is heated and starts to destroy all neighboring cells that are responsible for hair growth. As a result, the hair follicle is destroyed, and a few weeks later, the hair falls out. Accordingly, the darker your hair is, the more melanin it has and is better susceptible to laser radiation. 

If you have light and thin hair, laser hair removal for arms is a complete waste of time and money. Electrolysis and photoepilation are the only possible ways to remove hair for a longer time for people with light hair, although they are less effective than laser epilation.

At-Home Laser Hair Removal for Arms 

You may be surprised, but it’s possible to do this procedure at home. It’s very convenient because laser hair removal sessions should be regular to give satisfactory results. You’re lucky if you’ve managed to buy several procedures in advance, and nothing would prevent you from visiting the beauty salon. And although this rarely occurs - various force majeures always spoil everything. 

laser arm hair removal

Ladies who have light hair may buy photo epilators - they aren’t so expensive and let them do procedures regularly. If you need laser hair removal arms procedure and think that the epilation center is the only place where you can get it, you’re wrong. IPL Hair Removal Handset by SkinMyDreams is a great way to save money and get the same result as in expensive beauty salons. You may get rid of unwanted hair without leaving the house. 

Buying SkinMyDreams handset gives users the following benefits:

  • Multipurposeness (you may use it on any part of the body);
  • First results are visible after first 8-10 sessions;
  • You don’t need to recharge it;
  • The process is entirely painless;
  • Easy and quick to use.

Moreover, you may use it for more than 15 years, and thousands of satisfied customers prove that it’s not empty words.

Benefits and Side Effects

Before you decide on doing this procedure, you should explore all the positive and negative sides of it. Every type of hair removal has two sides of the question, especially if we talk about the laser. Laser hair removal arms sessions give the following benefits:

  • It’s effective. It applies both to going to the salon and using SkinMyDreams IPL Handset. The more sessions you have, the less hair grows on your body. No way can help you to get rid of hair 100%, but if you do it regularly, you may forget about the unwanted hair .
  • It’s fast and safe. The laser affects only melanin, so it doesn’t take much time and doesn't harm your skin. There’s no adverse effect on blood, lymph nodes, organs, and vessels caused by the laser treatment.
  • It saves money. One laser hair removal session will cost more than waxing or sugaring sessions, but imagine how many of the latter ones you need to have to get rid of arm hair .

However, some side effects also occur:

  • It may cause burns. They often appear if the person had sunbathed a few days before. The amount of melanin in the skin is high, and laser may influence both skin and hair.
  • It worsens skin protective function. That’s why you should care about your skin and protect it from the sun and damage - the risk of getting infected is high.
  • It causes itching. If the laser affects the skin too vigorously, the cells are damaged, and that’s why they start itching. 

The risk to harm yourself using a portable laser by SkinMyDream is lower, but you still should be attentive and stick to the safety rules.

Laser Hair Removal Arms Before and After 

Using IPL SkinMyDreams handset laser, you’ll see that your hair will grow slower. Moreover, in some areas, it will stop growing at all. The hair that continues growing changes its color and becomes lighter because of the low melanin content. Finally, it also gets thinner and then completely disappears.

laser hair removal on arms

Arms Laser Hair Removal Preparation 

You should stick to specific rules to save yourself from side effects and get the needed result. Explore how to prepare for laser arm hair removal - it won’t take much time and efforts:

  • Don’t remove hair with the roots 3-4 weeks before the laser session. All you should do is shave your arms 2-3 days before the procedure. The length of hair shouldn’t excess 1-2 mm.
  • Protect your skin from sunlight. Sunbathing or visiting a solarium is strictly prohibited.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics a few weeks before the procedure to lower down the risk of side effects.
  • Don’t apply alcohol-containing lotions and toners on the arms three days before and three days after the session. 

How Many Sessions for Arms Laser Hair Removal are Required?

The number of necessary sessions of laser hair removal on arms depends on several factors. Take into account the area of hair, hair density, color, and growth phase. The laser can affect only those hair which are currently in the active growth phase, and it’s only 20-30% of the whole number of follicles. On average, you’ll need 6-8 sessions during 8-10 weeks to keep the skin looking smooth. 

If you use a portable device from SkinMyDreams, you may control the process by yourself and do the additional sessions at any time.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Arms Cost? 

Laser arm hair removal cost is the aspect that interests all people who want to use this way of getting rid of unwanted hair. The prices vary from the city where you live and the beauty salon you choose, because salons use different lasers and those who purchase the latest equipment are free to set any prices they want. In general, the price per session ranges from 300$ to 500$. Type in the search query “How much does laser hair removal arms cost?” and you’ll see the prices.

By the way, IPL SkinMyDreams Hair Removal Handset costs only 99$. It’s cheaper than one session in a beauty salon, considering that you may use this device for a long time. You may thus save a considerable amount of money. 

Is Arms Laser Hair Removal Painful? 

Yes, the process of laser hair removal may cause some unpleasant feelings. If the beauty salon you visit uses modern equipment that lets cool the skin, you’ll hardly feel something during the procedure. Moreover, if you’ll have to do laser hair removal on arms, you may not worry about pain. The skin on this area is thick enough, so it won’t be as painful as on a bikini zone or underarms.

If you’re too afraid of pain, feel free to ask a doctor to use analgesics. But you should be sure that it won’t provoke an allergic reaction. The advantages of portable devices, including SkinMyDreams, reveal themselves - they are different from those used in beauty salons, have lower power, and that’s why using them won’t be painful.

Is Arms Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser radiation can’t penetrate into organs and harm them. That’s why it's entirely safe. But, at the same time, the significant part of the procedure success depends on the person. If you want to use a laser, you shouldn’t go to the first salon you see. Spend some time to read reviews, ask your friends, and compare the prices. Be sure that the procedure is made by qualified personnel. 

Moreover, you have to follow the skincare recommendations before and after the hair removal session. Сonsult a dermatologist to determine the condition of your skin, because you might have skin diseases that are contraindications for doing this procedure.

The bottom line 

In general, laser hair removal arms is the best option for those who are tired of shaving and waxing their arms. It doesn’t harm your health and almost has no side effects, so all people may use the laser. Considering the existence of portable home devices like IPL SkinMyDreams, anyone may get rid of annoying hair on any area of the body in minutes by using it. Laser hair removal for arms may be cheap, and an IPL handset proves this.