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Laser Facial Hair Removal

How It Works

Laser facial hair removal is the procedure that helps people get rid of hair on specific parts of their faces. Why do people think about this procedure in the first place, especially when talking about women? It’s all due to the desire to get rid of those nasty hair zones above the lip on the back etc. Of course, standards of beauty push women to try laser hair removal face to look better, both for themselves and their spouses. 

It works simple, but requires some explanation of the processes that happen in your skin when lasering happens. The laser unit affects the pigment contained in the skin with dark hair to burn it up and achieve the hairless effect. 

Even though people with light hair do have the pigment for a laser to burn out like among those who have darker hair shades, there is a different effective approach to fixing their facial hair problem. The solution is called electrolysis, and it works by attacking specific cells in the lighter skin hair follicles. This is an alternative to laser hair removal on face, but it’s not that effective in contrast to the former.  

Laser Facial Hair Removal at Home

Yes, a facial hair removal laser makes it possible to complete the full procedure at home. Before that, you should know a few things. If you’re a person with light hair, then you should go to a salon. Standard hair laser removal works well only for people with darker hair shades. 

There are in-home solutions that are the hybrids between a laser and radio frequency. It’s electrolysis for light hair that we mentioned before in this article. The devices for home that work using this technology are selling today. Still, a better alternative would be to visit a salon because those tools involve the insertion of needles into the follicle, so it may be a bit dangerous to do it without professional help. 

For people who have darker hair, there are comfortable solutions to start and end the whole procedure without leaving a house. The price for IPL Hair Removal Handset is great if you think of undergoing the laser procedure at home. Constant visits to beauty salons have the same effect as with Hair Removal Device, yet the price will be higher up to several times for salon. 

Laser Facial Hair Removal

The more often you visit salons, the more you pay compared to buying a home laser. Companies like SkinMyDreams have advanced devices for hair removal, and the prices won’t bite your wallet. Their IPL laser gives the exact result you’d expect from salons, except that happens at your home. Laser hair removal cost for face has never been more affordable with the device that has the following benefits:

  • Absolutely painless
  • Great solution not only for face but for intimate zones as well
  • Final results after 8-10 sessions
  • 15+ years of service if used once a week
  • Will fit your makeup bag with comfortable design

Benefits and Side Effects

Of course, there are two sides of the same coin, no matter if you're using a portable solution from SkinMyDreams or going to a salon. Face laser hair removal is the procedure that is mostly painless, so you won’t feel any pain or discomfort when it will happen. 

The benefits of the hair removal by laser include:

  • Targeting specific skin zones. When the laser burns out the pigment in the roots of your hair, it doesn’t damage the surrounding areas.
  • Swiftness of the procedure. The laser beams at a very high rate. It means that in less than a minute, the areas size of a quarter receive extensive hair removal. The areas like above the lip are done in less than a minute usually.
  • Predictable results. After three to seven hair removal sessions, most patients lose hair in the affected zones permanently.

Possible drawbacks of the procedure:

  • Sunburned-like skin. For a day or two after the procedure, the skin feels like it was sunburned.
  • Post-skincare for the processed areas. You’ll have to use compresses and moisturizes to support the condition of the skin and feel comfortable. 
  • Some side effects. Some possible side effects include redness, swelling, and even scars. Those are rare cases that usually do not happen under proper post-procedure care.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Before and After

Most of those who are interested in removing hair with lasers ask what benefits it brings to the table from before and after sight. In fact, the difference is tremendous. The areas processed with lasers in several sessions look much different than when having hair on them. The laser burns out the pigment at the root of every hair that was under the beams. The dark pigment disappears, and you’ll enjoy completely hairless areas afterwards. 

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Before the procedure, make sure to do the following:

  • Use a hair trimmer to shave the area that is going to be affected by the laser. That’s because lasers can burn uncut hair so much it may even smell like burning. Avoid this for your own safety.
  • Remove makeup entirely from your skin, it may cause hazardous chemical reactions on the skin.

After the procedure, make sure to meet the following requirements:

  • The next treatment session can be repeated not sooner than in two weeks 
  • After the procedure, do not wear any tight clothes that might cause irritating reactions to your skin
  • Limit usage of alcohol-based makeups for the next two weeks after the treatment
  • If you decide to sunbathe after the treatment, protect your skin with SPF 30 sunscreen or its analogues.

Face Laser Hair Removal Preparation

To prepare for the procedure, there are several recommendations that must be followed. Otherwise, you can’t expect positive results of laser hair removal. To start using SkinMyDreams laser at home, the steps that will make the whole process a breeze include the following:

  • Your skin must be dry and clean before using the laser. This is to maximize the outcome of applying the laser that shouldn’t see any barriers for its rays. Sweat, dirt, or water might cause negative side effects after using the laser.
  • The first usage of SkinMyDreams IPL laser should be over the small skin area. The company wants users to be safe from any unexpected side effects. After running the session on the small skin area, wait for 24 hours. If nothing bad happens, then you should be fine to continue.
  • Do not remove the hair that is longer than 3 millimeters. You should only remove short hair with the laser removal device.
  • Do not use the laser on the same area over and over again, it may directly damage your skin.

Other than that, all you have to do to prepare for the hair removal is have a reliable device by hand. We recommend using SkinMyDreams IPL laser as the safest option that won’t become a burden for your budget.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Face are Required?

Typically, to achieve the hairless effect for an extended period of time, laser therapists recommend undergoing several procedures one after another. Depending on the area where hair cover is denser or less dense, a different number of sessions is needed. In general, it takes from 5 to 10 sessions to make the area look silky, without obvious hair coverage. SkinMyDreams IPL laser is the great way to perform those sessions at home, in absolute comfort. The areas that are typical to achieve the result on the face are the upper lip and nose bridge. Compared to the rest of the body, the face is much quicker to get rid of hair when doing laser removal procedures.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal for Face Cost?

The average cost for visiting the salon is around $285. This is much higher compared to buying a single SkinMyDreams laser that can serve for multiple sessions in the future. Of course, by visiting a salon you benefit from a hand of the professional who will do everything without any action from your side. But SkinMyDreams costs only $99.99, so imagine how much cash you save for the multiple sessions taking place at your home. 

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The whole process can be a bit painful. Ensure to have the hairs from 1 to 3 millimeters length above the skin. To ensure a 100% painless experience, we recommend applying a numbing topical that will remove any feelings from the laser during the procedure. SkinMyDreams delivers slightly different experience because it has lower beaming frequency and strength than the lasers in salons usually designed for dense hair areas. 

Is Facial Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Yes, facial laser hair removal is an absolutely safe procedure. That’s true if you’re following all the recommendations before and after the procedure. We’ve already mentioned them in this article, so feel free to find them above. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, laser hair removal is the beauty procedure you shouldn’t worry much about. No matter if you choose to visit a salon or select a portable SkinMyDreams IPL device, pay attention to safety procedures that professionals highlight. Other than that, we highly recommend choosing a laser device for home procedures because it saves your cash and makes laser hair removal a comfortable experience.