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How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair Permanently?

Long gone are those days when women could recognize the men’s masculinity just by their ability to fight wild animals and the way they looked: hairy bodies, big arms and legs, wide backs. Today, men care about their looks as much as women do. They visit a hairstylist, they shave their faces and wax their chests. Sometimes, they even do a manicure to make their hands and nails look good. When they are on vacation, they wax their backs to go to the beach hairless and attractive. But what to do if you happen to have a hairy belly? How to remove stomach hair? What ways are the most painful ones and which are the cheapest? We prepared this review to help you compare the most popular ways to get rid of belly fuzz and choose the best one for yourself.

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices

DIY option: yes

Price: reasonable

Discomfort level: average

Belly hair removal with IPL home devices became very popular in the last couple of years. For instance, SkinMyDreams IPLhair removal is a reliable method of reducing the fuzz on your belly. To use it, you don’t have to visit a cosmetologist and dermatologist in advance and then spend over $150 every session. Instead, you just need to get one IPL home device for yourself for $99, read the instructions, and start using it.

Its advantages include:

  • ease of use;
  • long serving term (one device will function for 15 years);
  • fine results and belly hair growth reduction

The only drawback of this method is the need to get used to it if you’ve never tried anything similar before. Yet, getting irritation or scars after using SkinMyDreams home IPL device is an extremely rare occasion.

Laser Hair Removal

DIY option: no

Price: high

Discomfort level: average

If you have ever thought of how to get rid of stomach hair, you are highly likely to have considered laser epilation. This is a very popular method that destroys the fuzz follicles with the laser light. Eventually, it leads to the reduction of the hair quantity on your belly, but only if you complete the necessary number of sessions. Reducing the number of a new fuzz over time is the main benefit of this method.

Although it’s one of the most popular hair removal ways, there are some drawbacks to it too, such as:

  • impossibility to do laser epilation on your own. It means you should attend your dermatologist for the consultation first, then schedule your sessions in advance, and attend them all without delays. If you will not manage to do that, you will not achieve the desired effect and the hair on your stomach will keep growing;
  • high price. Laser stomach hair removal is one of the most costly methods;
  • high level of pain. If you can live through it, laser hair removal on the belly may be a way for you, but if it’s not, we advise you to look through other methods to find less painful alternatives.


DIY option: no

Price: high

Discomfort level: high

Another tested way to get rid of stomach hair is electrolysis. If you are interested in how it’s done, the principle is similar to laser hair removal. And due to the high temperatures applied, the level of discomfort during the procedure is even higher than in the case of lasers. The results also cannot be achieved at once, which makes the expenditures on stomach hair removal high.

However, electrolysis is the way of getting your skin hairless permanently as approved by the FDA. Therefore, you have to weigh the pros and cons of this method to decide whether it is worth your money.

The pros of electrolysis are:

  • permanent belly hair removal
  • smooth skin

The cons of electrolysis include:

  • high level of painfulness
  • the need to stick to the scheduled sessions
  • high price

Depilatory Creams

DIY option: yes

Price: reasonable

Discomfort level: low

A good way to reduce hair growth on the belly is use depilatory creams regularly. Are you eager to know how to get rid of belly hair with them? The process goes like this: first, you need to apply your cream on the wet leg. Second, you have to take the spatula and remove the cream in the direction of your hair growth. The substance in the cream will destroy the hair and make it possible to remove the fuzz.

The pros of this method include:

  • the price
  • ease of use
  • at-home application

However, there are a few cons too:

  • this method is not very accurate
  • depilatory creams will not help you get rid of belly fuzz permanently
  • chemical substances that can cause a burn if your skin is tender

Hence, we advise you to first use the cream on the small part of your skin and wait for 24 hours to see if there is any reaction of the body to it.


DIY option: yes

Price: above average

Discomfort level: high

Waxing is one of the most popular DIY ways of removing fuzz on your belly. If you are wondering how to get rid of hair on stomach, this is what waxing looks like:

First, you warm up the wax to make it liquid and easily applied. Then, stick a stripe in the direction of your hair growth and remove it in the opposite. Your moves should be accurate and decisive so that the hair gets out entirely. We have to warn you though: the process is far from being pleasant, so you might need the help of a professional. Consequently, we do not advise you to use a lot of wax for the first time.

The benefits of this method are the following:

  • fair price
  • good results
  • the possibility to get it done at home.

The drawbacks of this method include:

  • higher prices if you decide to turn to the specialists for help
  • high level of pain
  • irritation and ingrown hair


DIY option: yes

Price: average

Discomfort level: average.

Many people think that sugaring and waxing are similar ways of stomach hair removal, but the difference between them lies in the conduct of the procedure. During sugaring, the paste is applied against the direction of your hair growth. The hair should be removed in the direction of your  hair growth. This contributes a lot to reducing the painfulness, while the results are not as good as with  waxing. Although cases of ingrown hair are not rare, in general, sugaring has fewer drawbacks than waxing.

Stomach sugaring pros include:

  • lower price in comparison to  waxing;
  • better tolerance in terms of painfulness;
  • less time needed for one session to be done.

Stomach sugaring drawbacks are the following:

  • results are not that impressive;
  • impossibility to do this procedure at home ;
  • only temporary removal of stomach hair .


DIY option: yes

Price: low

Discomfort level: low

Shaving is probably the first stomach hair removal method that comes into your mind when you decide to get rid of an unwanted fuzz in this zone. That is quite reasonable, since its benefits are multiple :

  • it is cheap and quick;
  • you don’t have to attend a beauty salon to do this procedure ;
  • no special knowledge is needed to get it done right.

However, you  should still know the technique of shaving hair on your belly  in order not to cut yourself. That is the reason why one or two first sessions may take more time. Also, don’t forget to apply a shaving cream to make the process smoother and not irritate your stomach skin. The process of shaving is not likely to raise any question, but still, we advise you to do it in the  direction of the hair  growth . It will help you  avoid ingrown hair and further inflammation.

The disadvantages of shaving include :

  • continuous hair growth ;
  • impossibility to get rid of hair permanently ;
  • frequent cases of inflammation and cutting


DIY option: yes

Price: high

Discomfort level: high

Using an epilator is one of the common methods to deal with the hair on your belly. To do that right,  you need to follow a few recommendations . First, prepare your skin for epilation. It should be clean but not wet. Also, don’t start using any new skincare topicals to avoid allergy or irritation two weeks before the session. Second, make sure that your hair is long enough for the epilator to remove it. The ideal length is about 2 mm. If you apply your epilator to the longer hair, it will work badly and will cause even more pain.

As you have probably guessed from our recommendations above, epilation can be done at home. The other pros of this method  include:

  • satisfactory results of belly hair growth reduction;
  • quickness of procedure.

The cons of the epilation are the following:

  • high price if you turn to professionals for help;
  • the need to change blades in your home epilator;
  • high level of   pain.

Natural Remedies

DIY option: yes

Price: low

Discomfort level: above average

Using natural remedies to get rid of stomach hair is a widely used method among people who do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive salon appointments. The ingredients for the paste can be found in  any average household: eggs, honey, milk, lemon, sugar, etc. If you want to try out some more sophisticated recipes, you can buy the contents for it in any supermarket.

For example, you can make a raw papaya paste. For that, you will need one papaya, a few ounces of milk, and a bit of curcuma. Mix everything  in a blender and apply the paste to your stomach as if you were waxing it. Make sure that the paste  has dried before you rub it. Eventually, your belly hair will stop growing.

The pros of natural remedies include:

  • ease of use;
  • low to no expenditures on depilatory paste contents
  • satisfactory results.

The cons are the following:

  • you may have allergy on any of the paste ingredients;
  • you can get an ingrown hair after at-home epilation
  • the process is unpleasant.

The Bottom Line

Today, stomach hair removal is a part of self-care for  many people. Another reason to remove the fuzz on this part of the body is a desire to look more attractive. Luckily, many ways of belly hair removal are now available to men. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Consequently, the first thing one should do is weigh all of them to select the best fuzz removal way. In this  review, we outlined the major points you should pay attention to so that your stomach hair removal experience would not be too painful and overly  expensive.