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How to work full-time, be a mom of two toddlers, and still stay gorgeous? Miranda Watson knows the answer!

We are delighted to know that our product really makes the life of our customers easier. There are so many important things a woman can devote her free time to except hair removal. 

A sales manager and a mom of two toddlers Miranda Watson tells us what she thinks about her SkinMyDreams hair removal handset. 

See her message below:

"Time is the most precious resource for every mom who returned to full-time work has. I want to build a career and, at the same time, spend more time with my lovely husband and sons. My job requires me to look good every day. And I need to get enough sleep to be productive... The SkinMyDreams handset has allowed me several hours a month I can spend on more important things than hair removal treatment. Using it, I can quickly get rid of unwanted hair and save this time for being with my family and meeting with my clients. It’s a miracle!"

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