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How to Remove Hair from Legs?

An overwhelming majority of women are faced with the problem of unwanted hair in particular places of their bodies. Starting from adolescence, girls begin to notice hair growing on their legs, and the question of how to remove it immediately arises. Moreover, women want to learn how to remove hair from legs and stop hair growth for a long time. Smooth and well-groomed legs are the key point to the self-confidence of every woman.

That is why women have been wondering how to get rid of leg hair for many years and, preferably, for good. The issue of how to remove it correctly worries many women so that redness, dry skin, ingrown hair, and other side effects do not appear. Today, you can have smooth and flawless skin in several ways. So, which method to choose for achieving a long-term result?

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices

Currently, various devices are available to do effective epilation in the comfort of your home. SkinMyDreams trademark products for laser hair removal for legsat home are becoming very popular, and they become better every day. IPL hair removal items have received positive and rave reviews from both users and experts. These gadgets, using the Intense Pulse Light technology, make it possible to make effective personalized procedures, including leg hair removal at home.

Numerous clinical studies have been conducted, and they demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of IPL hair removal devices. One of the most significant advantages of IPL devices over other methods is that their use is much less painful. It is similar to a feeling of warmth on your skin. At the same time, they are compact, cheap, and easy to use. An IPL tool can be an answer to the question of how to remove hair permanently at home.

This equipment can produce a huge number of flashes and allow your skin to stay super smooth for a long time. Melanin absorbs the IPL energy, which heats up and destroys the hair cells. It results in a significant slowdown of hair growth after each procedure. Visible results can be achieved in just 3 weeks, but the full course usually lasts about 12 weeks.

Also, the use of IPL devices is much cheaper than the cost of hair removal procedures in beauty salons. In salons, one session of laser hair removal of half a leg costs $250 - $650. You need to get at least 4 sessions for your legs. So, an individual IPL epilator purchased for $99 is the perfect option to save money.

Laser Hair Removal

A lot of devices have been created to carry out laser hair removal. Based on different wavelengths and laser power, we can distinguish three main types of devices for removing unwanted hair - alexandrite, diode, and neodymium lasers. Their principle of work is quite simple: the laser sends light pulses to the hair follicles to break them up.

Nevertheless, the follicles are not completely destroyed. Hair growth stops for some time, and this is a year on average. During this period, you can get rid of 45% to 90% of unwanted hair. This method can spare your time. In salons, an average time for one session of leg hair removal is up to 30 minutes.

Several sessions of laser hair removal would be enough to forget about unwanted hairs on your legs for a year. If you use a home laser epilator, you will need many more sessions. Their number depends primarily on the amount of hair and your skin type. A dozen sessions will be enough for someone, while others may need more procedures.

It is better to remember that laser hair removal is suitable for people with light-color skin and dark hair. The darker the hair, the better are the effects. However, if you have dark skin and light hair, the laser hair removal method is not recommended because of the risk of severe burns on your skin.


Electrolysis is one of the methods that removes hair for an extended period. As a result, hair growth can be reduced to 90%. However, hair removal in this way should only be done by professionals. Therefore, if you are leaning toward this method, it is advised to find the right specialist with positive reviews and recommendations.

The principle of hair removal using electrolysis is as follows: a metal needle is put into the skin and reaches the hair follicle. Then, an electric current burns the hair root. Despite the apparent superiority of this method over other ways of hair removal, it also has some shortcomings.

First, it is not recommended for large areas such as legs, back, and bikini zone. The patient may feel pain, so an anesthetic is usually rubbed into the skin before the procedure. Also, the process of leg hair removal takes a long time. About two years may be needed to remove it there completely.

Second, this method is tedious and quite expensive. Imagine how long it takes to pierce each hair and apply an electric current into it. Each session typically lasts from 15 minutes to one hour. Of course, after two years, you will forget about the hair on your legs for a long time. So, decide for yourself whether it’s worth it or not.

Depilatory Creams

Hair removing creams have good records in the fight against soft and light-color hair. This method can help get rid of unwanted hair in the facial and bikini areas. However, it is not always practical for stiff and robust hair. If you decide to remove leg hair at home with a cream, strictly follow the instruction manual. Remember that depilatory creams are typically very toxic. They have a strong chemical smell and often cause allergy.

Depilatory creams, first of all, attract women by simplicity and accessibility of the procedure. You need to test the cream first and put a small amount of it in the elbow bend zone for 5-10 minutes. Carefully monitor the skin condition. At the slightest reaction of the body, you should wash it off immediately. If everything is fine, you can apply it for the specified time, and remove it then with a special spatula.

Do not use soap and other cleaning supplies for at least two hours after the procedure. Read the instructions for more details. After the cream application, do not use aftershaves, antiperspirants, and products containing alcohol. Be sure to wash your hands so that the cream does not damage your nails. Depilatory creams are contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Also, do not use them on injured or tanned skin.


If you want to remove hair on your legs using wax at home, you can use ready-made wax, which is sold in all cosmetic stores. Wax does not crumble and does not stretch with threads. That is why waxing masters like it and often use it in their work. At first glance, this method of depilation may seem simple to you, but this is not the case. Waxing is associated with some features.

Before using wax, you need to determine your skin type: whether it is normal, oily, sensitive, or dry. There are no warnings for normal skin. Oily skin should be prepared for waxing and treated well with a special degreasing agent. Women with dry or sensitive skin need to be extremely careful and use beauty products to keep your hand skin healthy and avoid inflammatory processes.

Three main and most common types of wax can be purchased — hot, warm, and cold wax. The key feature of hot wax is that it can be removed without special waxing paper. When the wax is cooled, it resembles an elastic patch, which can be easily taken off with fingers and separated from the skin along with hair by a sharp movement. In this case, the skin will not have any sticky layer. However, it is not recommended to perform the depilation procedure with hot wax on your own, as you risk to have a skin burn.

Warm wax is much more suitable for home use, and it can be considered as the best leg hair removal. It can be purchased in cans or special cartridges with a roller. You need agility and a particular experience for this. Otherwise, you can dirty up everything around with wax, which is very difficult to remove. Wax in a cartridge with a roller is a convenient and straightforward way to apply it gently and thinly. A rotating roller evenly lubricates the skin with wax. Do not forget to buy special waxing paper, which can already be prepared for use and cut into convenient straps.

Cold wax is offered as paper strips with a substance already applied to them. Before applying, pieces with wax should be warmed up between palms of your hands. Then, remove the protective film from the sticky side of the strip and attach it to the right place. Tear off the piece with a sharp movement. It is worth noting that cold wax is less useful since it removes hair worse, and its adhesive properties are much lower than warm and hot waxes have.


Leg hair removal using ordinary sugar is a popular alternative to waxing. Today, this method is often applied both in salons and at home. Sugaring is not only hair removal but also care for your skin. However, depilation with sugar is a more complicated process than wax depilation. It includes many techniques and particular nuances that only experienced masters possess.

Making a paste for sugar depilation at home is not particularly challenging in terms of the ingredients used, including sugar, water, lemon or citric acid. At the same time, you need to carefully follow the technology to make the paste suitable for use. You need to mix these ingredients and heat the resulting mixture. Then, cool the adhesive until it acquires a caramel flavor. The mixture should be sufficiently fluid and uniform for applying on the skin.

If you are depilating sensitive areas, experts advise to change the recipe by replacing lemon juice with just honey and water. Before depilation with sugar, it is necessary to cleanse the skin from impurities and disinfect it thoroughly. Then, you need to dry it with talcum powder. Only then you can start the procedure. Sugar paste must be applied against hair growth. The layer should be removed, on the contrary, strictly by hair growth and in parallel to the skin.

However, sugaring has certain disadvantages. Firstly, your hair should be at least 4 mm long to remove it effectively. Secondly, this unpleasant procedure provides an effect only for a few weeks. Thirdly, you can damage your skin, get redness, and some irritations. Therefore, it is advisable to visit a qualified master for such a procedure.


Shaving unwanted hair with a razor is probably the most popular method of leg hair removal at home. It is swift and painless, but, unfortunately, it does not guarantee a long-term effect. Everything is very individual, and a lot depends on the skin characteristics, but as a rule, the stubble begins to be felt the very next day after shaving.

Hairs cut by the razor begins to grow over time, as their roots remain in place. Therefore, you can enjoy the smoothness of your legs only a couple of days after this procedure. Then, shaving will have to be repeated again and again. Also, cut hair begins to grow faster, and their ends become blunt in shape, which can complicate subsequent depilation sessions.

Very frequent shaving can cause skin irritation, red spots, and skin rash. Another common problem that women face after shaving is the hair ingrown into the skin. So, it is necessary to scrub the skin before shaving regularly. If you want to remove leg hair at home with a razor, make sure that the razor blades are sharp and clean. After the shaving procedure, be sure to apply a moisturizer or body lotion to your skin.

ELOS Epilation

This technology is much more efficient and comfortable than other methods of leg hair removal since ELOS epilation is a combination of photoepilation and laser use. During the procedure, the hair follicle is destroyed under the simultaneous action of the energy of a high-frequency light pulse and electric current. The joint action enables to destroy more accurately the structure of hair and stop its growth. Today, ELOS technology is recognized worldwide as one of the best hair methods of removal for legs.

ELOS epilation is made by particular devices that act on hair in two ways — using radiofrequency and light pulses. First, light energy affects hair. Then, a radio pulse is used to enhance the effect of light. Usually, this procedure does not cause side effects and reduces the chances of ingrown hair emergence. It can be used for any type and color of the skin. However, this method can only be carried out in salons, and it does not guarantee complete hair removal even with a big number of sessions.

Natural Remedies

At all times, women used to care for their skin to make it smooth, silky, and healthy. Natural remedies were largely used for that, and many contemporary women also do not neglect different natural substances. Almost every housewife can find the necessary ingredients for preparing leg hair removal mixtures. You mix alcohol, castor oil, ammonia, and iodine. In this way, you will get a mixture for hair removal. Nut tinctures, various juices, and even ash are also used for removing unwanted hair on legs.

However, you should not believe in the myths usually found on the Internet about folk remedies as effective methods of depilation. If it really was possible to use some natural stuff effectively and without dangerous consequences for the skin, the contemporary beauty industry would not exist.

If some of the folk methods are merely useless, others can be dangerous to your skin health. Some substances can seriously overdry your skin or cause other unwanted effects. Take care of your skin, and do not save it. Otherwise, it will be even more expensive to heal it.

Bottom Line

Of course, there are many methods of depilation which can help you deal with unwanted hair in one way or another. In any case, such methods are available nowadays, and many women use them. We hope that considering the given recommendations, you can choose the method of leg hair removal that will suit you most.