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How To Get Rid of Butt Hair?

Everyone has various amounts of hair on the butt cheeks, or in between them – many people are wondering why, and they have some awkward questions about keeping vs. removing butt hair. We know that body fuzz is a trace of our inheritance from the dark and hairy evolutionary past of humankind. Hair is still important for thermoregulation as well as protecting the body from dirt, but we certainly have plenty of more efficient options today than the primal ‘coat’ designed by nature. Unfortunately, little did Mother Nature know that one day, we’ll be prioritizing aesthetic concerns over thermoregulation – to the point when ‘going bare everywhere’ will become a beauty trend and even a sign of wealth and prestige.

The reason we have hair on the buttocks is that it functions to prevent chafing between the butt cheeks. This isn’t as important now as it might have been back in the day when people didn’t have underwear. But if you try shaving the area around the anus, you will experience plenty of chafing because of the stubble when the hair starts growing back. So if you decide to get rid of butt hair, choose a method that offers long-lasting results and is less irritating to the skin.

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices 

As the society has developed a distaste for body hair, both women and men choose to have most of this hair removed for aesthetic purposes. However, many people remove armpit, pubic and butt hair mainly for hygienic reasons, to minimize sweating, itching and odor in these areas. According to the microbiologists, the body areas with significant hair counts accumulate and hold moisture, bacteria, dead skin cells and sebaceous or dirt build-up more than the skin with little to no hair. It’s not the sweat itself that causes body odor, but the bacteria that thrive in warm and damp conditions, producing the smelly compounds that result in a bad odor.

Whatever the reason to get rid of hair in your intimate areas is, the technique with permanent results is the best choice to prevent stubble, rash, inflammation and ingrown hairs that other hair removal methods cause. You don’t want your dreams of looking extra sexy on a hot date or at the beach to turn into a situation where the last thing you can think about is taking your clothes off in front of anybody.

Even if you are not planning to spend much time at the beach, keeping things smooth ‘down there’ will make you feel more confident about yourself. Although the prices for salon laser butt hair removal are steep, you can still get awesome results with IPL hair removal devices for home use. As compared to professional salon lasers, personal use devices are safe and painless. They eliminate the unwanted hair, as well as the concerns of trying to fit hair removal into busy or hectic schedules. But the best thing about the latest IPL hair removal handsets is the opportunity to get full hair removal for the fraction of the cost of the salon laser sessions. With up to 600,000 laser pulses, SkinMyDreams is great for beautifying different body areas. The discounted price is only $99, and you won’t have to spend any more money on hair removal, as SkinMyDreams doesn’t require replacement cartridges.

Laser Hair Removal 

If you aren’t new to laser pubic hair removal, you probably don’t need convictions that the result is worth trying it. But if you are discouraged by the potential discomfort, or have doubts about butt hair removal, here’s the good news: it doesn’t hurt any more than bikini laser hair removal. In fact, many people who tried removing butt hair with lasers admit they felt less pain than during their bikini or Brazilian laser sessions. 

At laser clinics, butt hair removal usually can be included into bikini or Brazilian treatments at an additional cost, so it is an expensive option, considering that a series of 4 - 6 laser sessions will be needed to get apparent results. Today, male versions of laser pubic hair removal (also called ‘Bro’zilian’ or ‘Boyzilian’) are offered with a choice of including the perianal area. If the hair is growing further out, a full buttocks laser hair removal is another option, and it is quite common for the customers of laser clinics to remove hair from the entire butt area.

But when it comes to lasering your private parts in a professional setting, the cost of treatments is not the only concern. Even those who can afford it may not want to bare it all in front of a laser technician. If you’ve never tried laser hair removal in your nether regions, you can think of laser technicians as doctors. Just like doctors, they have seen it all. Maybe several times a day, five days a week, or even more often. They are no more surprised to see someone’s private parts than Google is with the ‘how to get rid of butt hair’ query. 

However, you don’t really need to go through anything you find embarrassing or intimidating, as removing butt hair at home is possible with an IPL hair removal handset. Another factor that prevents many from completing the series of laser treatments is lack of time for salon appointments. But with a compact hair removal device, you can use it at any time and even take anywhere you travel. There are no more excuses for putting off your dreams until later. You can have smooth skin now.


Laser hair removal and electrolysis are the most efficient methods for destroying hair follicles together with the stem cells that are responsible for growing more hair. But most people think electrolysis is an outdated hair removal method, and they are right. This technique is invasive and painful, as a tiny needle needs to penetrate each individual hair shaft in order to deliver an electric impulse to the hair follicle. So it is extremely important to put yourself in the hands of a trusted professional, which is very time-consuming and expensive. Due to the accuracy required, any do-it-yourself electrolysis devices aren’t safe, and their use may lead to scarring. However, you may come across claims of ‘reinventing’ the method so that it becomes non-invasive and safe to use without any special training. The idea certainly seems attractive, but transdermal (non-invasive) electrolysis is only a scam, as well as the home-use electrolysis devices promising no-needle hair removal results.

There are two things that can be done with electrolysis but can’t be done with lasers though: removing hair near the eyes, and destroying the follicles of hair with no dark pigment (such as white or red hair). Electrolysis is also convenient for removing individual unwanted hairs from the face, neck and hard-to-reach spots such as ears or nose. Technically, this method can be used in any area, but you probably wouldn’t choose it for your most sensitive ones. Electrolysis will definitely be effective for removing hair on the lower back and buttocks, but its sessions will be significantly longer, or you will get less hair removed during a single electrolysis session than you would with a laser or an at-home IPL hair removal device.

Depilatory Creams 

For years, depilatory creams have been considered not suitable for use on delicate areas, such as your private parts. You have probably been strongly advised against using them anywhere near the genitals or anus for the sake of avoiding the feeling that your butt is on fire. But as today’s formulas aren’t the same, and many depilatory creams are specifically made for sensitive intimate areas, many people will assure you this method is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of butt hair.

Depilatory creams contain chemical ingredients that break down the keratin structure of hair. These are effective at removing coarse pubic hair but gentle on your skin, as long as you choose the right products created specifically for the area, and don’t apply them to irritated or broken skin or leave the cream on your skin for longer than recommended. However, depilatory creams can discolor fabric if they come in touch with your clothes, and may cause burning, redness or other allergic reactions if you don’t perform a small patch test at least a few hours before applying the product. Overall, the method is fast, painless, and it removes hair closer to the root than shaving. This ensures slower regrowth without damaging the surface layer of the skin that occurs during shaving or waxing.


As the results after waxing last longer than that of depilatory creams, many women and men opt for waxing their backsides. While it is certainly better to have this done by an experienced salon specialist, you can wax your butt at home and even buy butt wax strips designed for this purpose. They have a convenient folded shape to slide between your butt cheeks. Waxing at home gets easier with practice, but still, it is a painful experience, and you also need special wax remover or cleaning wipes. This method is popular, but it has a major downside: the high risk of ingrown hairs and follicle inflammation.


Sugaring and waxing help you reach the same goal, but by slightly different means. Just like waxing, sugaring results in ripping off the hair, but with less damage to the top layer of skin. Sugar paste is an ideal method for hair removal on a dime: you don’t have to buy anything more expensive than some sugar and a lemon. This sticky paste made of sugar, water, and lemon juice may be rather messy to work with, but it is easy to clean up with warm water. Sugaring happens to be the cheapest and the most eco-friendly hair removal method that people have been using for centuries.

You can also buy sugar paste for your at-home sugaring, or just go to a professional – but the latter is a more expensive option. As the paste is applied against the direction of hair growth but removed in the direction of the growth, sugaring causes less ingrown hairs and skin irritation.


While razor bumps and ingrown hairs are inevitable whenever you choose to shave some area, your backside is the territory where even the process of shaving turns into a wicked quest. You can find some tips on how to remove butt hair with a razor, but keep in mind that it’s extremely hard to navigate the narrow cleft between your buttocks. Put one leg on something and use a mirror to see where you need to shave, so hopefully you don’t cut yourself. But the stubble you get the next day is such an annoying thing to have between your butt cheeks. Before you create a situation that breeds stubble and razor bumps, consider permanent hair removal.


Trimming may be a quick fix, especially for pubic hair, but it is not a very good solution for removing hair from buttocks or in between. The stubble you get after trimming doesn’t feel any better than the results of shaving. Anyway, trimming is safer than shaving, as trimmers may have a rounded head so that they are easier to maneuver around the body contours. They don’t cause ingrown hairs, so if you had to choose between shaving and trimming, the latter would be the best option. But since you don’t have to limit your choice to just these two methods, preferably avoid both.


This experience is far from enjoyable, as mechanical epilators are devices with sets of micro-tweezers that pull out a bunch of hair at once. Today, epilators come with different pulsating, massaging or cooling sensations to numb the pain. An epilator may have a pivoting head and a ‘wet’ epilation option to be used in the shower. But the pain is still there, and so is the hair. It’s a never-ending process of dealing with the regrowth.

However, you can do twice the work with half the effort. If you use a different device – an IPL hair removal handset, for example – then for the first few sessions, you will probably spend the same amount of time moving it around your intimate areas, but with better results and no pain. After that, as a significant percentage of hair will be already removed, you will need less time and effort to tackle the rest.

Natural Remedies 

There are many natural recipes containing organic ingredients that are believed to slow down hair growth. However, they don’t remove hair, except for those mixtures that are quite sticky and are supposed to pull out a few hairs. Most of these natural remedies are not suitable for butt hair, but are recommended for its removal anyway.

Mix lemon juice and turmeric to have a paste. Spread it over the hair and rub it into the skin. Let dry. When the paste is dry, start rubbing it off with your fingers. You should see some hairs coming out as a result of this process.

The Bottom Line

Most natural recipes were used many years ago due to the lack of other options. They are hardly effective, and simply a waste of time nowadays when results can be permanent. The variety of methods available for hair removal ensures that there are some that work best for certain body areas, personal preferences and budgets. The best way to remove hair from buttocks (and many other body areas) is getting to the root of the hair – and destroying it with light-based hair removal methods such as IPL and laser treatments.