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How To get Rid of Back Hair Permanently?

Nowadays, the hair on the back is not a rare occurrence not only in men, but it is also inherent to women. If not all men experience discomfort from back hair, everything is much more serious with the second half of humanity. Typically, women care much about the question of how to remove the hair on their backs.

Yet, the solution to the issue of hair removal on the back is relevant for both genders. When choosing a suitable method of removing hair on the back, it is necessary to take into account a large depilation zone. Also, this technique should combine maximum efficiency and minimal discomfort.

If you are looking for an effective and safe way of hair removal on the back, consider some available methods described in this article and decide which option is the best one for you.

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) is an innovative technology for permanent removal of hair from practically any part of the body. It is based on the exposure of broadband light to penetrate the skin and exert a selective effect on the treated area. IPL epilation is one of the safest and most painless methods of permanent back hair removal. This is due to the short-term effect of the light flux on the skin and the individual selection of the power and irradiation time, taking into account the type of skin and its sensitivity.

If the laser radiation is monochromatic, i.e. the waves have the same length, the IPL systems are based on the use of the polychromatic spectrum of light radiation. A targeted effect on specific pigments is achieved due to special filters that narrow the spectrum of emitted light. IPL technology is completely painless and does not cause skin irritation. Investing in a high-quality IPL device pays off quickly enough.

Thanks to the IPL Hair Removal Handsets of the SkinMyDreams trademark, you can get rid of unwanted hair on the back and other parts of the body in a cozy home environment. Unlike visiting professional salons where you have to spend money on each new procedure, you need to pay for such a device once and, therefore, use it an unlimited number of times.

During the procedure of removal of back hair with an IPL handset, the pigment of the hair called melanin serves as the application point. Even after the first session, the hair will begin to fall out intensively, and newly regrown hair will become less dense and thinner. With portative and convenient IPL tools at home, you can forget about the pain that tormented you when you used to remove your hair with tweezers or wax.

At home, one hair removal session takes from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the zone you want to process. You will need in total three to seven sessions to get visible results. Using this method of hair removal, you will not only get rid of unwanted hair but also improve the health of your skin. As a result of light exposure, the production of collagen in the skin is stimulated, which increases its elasticity. Also, compared to other hair removal methods, IPL devices can help you get rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser devices are able to remove hair in the active phase of growth and eliminate the problem of ingrown hair. If you opt for an efficient and long-lasting method of back hair removal, you should pay attention to it. Such procedures are performed in specialized places, such as beauty salons and clinics. When applying laser radiation, the hair follicles are damaged and the hair roots are destroyed.

The essence of this method lies in the thinnest electrode in the form of a needle inserted into the follicle. An electric current is supplied to the needle and causes a tiny spark of high temperature, which affects the hair bulb and destroys it. Several electric shocks can be used for each hair root.

You should be prepared in advance for the number of sessions from 8 to 12 with a one-month periodicity. Usually, four or five laser hair removal sessions are required to get rid of 70-80% of the hair on the back. After completing the entire course, you can get rid of hair on the back or any part of the body for a period of several years.

Unfortunately, when using lasers for hair removal on the back, some negative aspects should be taken into account. Laser hair removal on back is an expensive procedure and it is not suitable for all skin types. It is best used for dark hair and light skin. It is more difficult to remove light hair with a laser, and dark skin can be discolored for a long time under the exposure of high temperatures.

In addition, such a procedure is very sensitive and painful. If you want to feel nothing at all, you should ask the master for anesthesia. Often, special creams are used for pain relief too. Other unpleasant effects are some burns, skin reddness, and small scars.


This method is suitable for those who are interested in removing back hair for a long time. Many beauty centers that offer such a service promote this way of hair removal as an option to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. However, this method, like all other types of permanent hair removal, does not eliminate unwanted hair forever.

Epilation using electrolysis does the following: a special thin needle is inserted into the root of the hair. When an electric pulse is supplied, the hair cells are destroyed. Each electrolysis session is relatively short and takes from 10 to 20 minutes. Specialists work with each hair, so one session will obviously not be enough. Since the hair is removed one by one, you can imagine how long it will take to remove it all. Complete removal of all hair on the back is going to be a long process, and the set of all procedures will cost you a lot.

The most common side effect of electrolysis is a change in skin pigmentation. Some areas of the skin, especially of those people who have a dark color of skin, can become several tones lighter, and often these changes are irreversible. The treatment for skin discoloration can be very long and costly, and in many cases is ineffective.

Depilatory Creams

Buying creams for hair removal is not a challenge as its application is also quite simple. You just need to follow the instructions provided. There, you will find a step-by-step explanation on how to remove hair from the back with the help of this cosmetic product. The cost of depilatory creams is also quite affordable, regardless of the manufacturer. These creams have a chemical component that destroys keratins in the hair structure. The hair becomes weaker and falls out instantly as a result. At the same time, further hair growth is significantly slowed down.

Creams for depilation are not intended to be used on sensitive areas of the body. Some burns can appear, risking to be turned into pigment spots. The cream should be applied to dry back skin. Wait for 5 -10 minutes until the complete cleavage of proteins in the hair structure. It is also necessary to pre-test the cream in a small area of the body to understand whether you have an allergic reaction.

It is advisable to use a convenient brush for applying cream on the back so as not to irritate the skin of your hands. After the specified time, clean off the cream and make sure that there are no traces of it on the body. Of course, you can get rid of back hair for a couple of weeks, but without pain. Also, note that depilatory creams are contraindicated for people with sensitive skin since they contain components causing an allergic reaction.


Waxing is an effective and reliable, yet not the best way to remove back hair. This option allows you to forget about this problem for up to two months. Some manufacturers offer innovative wax formulations. Soy wax is often used in the form of a thick substance that adheres to the hair. Waxing will allow you to quickly remove hair on your back, and also slow down their further growth.

People with sensitive skin should be cautious of the possible allergic reaction to waxing. It is better to use it first in a small area to make sure that this procedure is safe. Wax is applied to the hair area and covered with special strips. When the wax coat is dry, tear them off with hair. One session gives an effect for about 2 or 3 weeks, depending on the individual intensity of hair growth. However, this procedure is quite painful and takes a lot of time.

Depilation using wax causes pain and possible skin irritation, and therefore is not suitable for everyone. Also, it is not very convenient to use wax on your own. Another drawback is the need to wait until the hair is grown enough so that the wax strip can seize it. In addition, waxing is not cheap and requires time to regularly visit beauty salons or buy strips for hair removal.


Depilation using sugar is similar to waxing, but wax is replaced by thick sugar syrup. Sugaring is a modern and popular technique for removing hair on the back. The back, shoulders, and forearms are convenient areas for sugaring because of the absence of any wrinkles and irregularities there. A special sugar-based paste allows you to quickly and effectively cope with the problem.

A sugar sticky paste should be spread on the back, depending on which areas of the skin it will be processed and how dense your hair is. A sugar ball rolls on the skin and rips out hair along with the roots. The hair should be removed in the direction of their growth, so the feeling of pain is not intense. The paste can be used for a long time, despite the presence of hair in it.

In beauty salons, a provisionally warmed sugar mixture is used. After each procedure of sugaring, new hair begins to grow only after 10 or 14 days, depending on the individual intensity of hair growth. With each procedure, hair becomes lighter, brittle, and weak. In positive reviews, a benefitial effect and a long-term result are most often noted. Also, the skin does not suffer from irritation and inflammation this way.


Razor shaving is the easiest, cheapest, and painless method of men's back hair removal. For this, special tools are sold that differ by the blade size and handle length enabling you to independently perform this procedure. It is suitable for cases when you need to quickly get rid of hair. The technology is the same as with regular shaving of the face, and ordinary shaving foam can be used. You may need an assistant because it is difficult to process all areas on the back.

If you have thick hair on your back, the razor can be clogged. So, it is better to trim the hair first to make shaving easier. It is recommended to cleanse the skin, remove dead scales, and prepare it for shaving. Apply shaving gel or cream to your skin. Do it near the sink to wash the razor with water. Shave the hair in the direction of growth.

An electric shaver can be used for removing back hair too. The difference is that the washed back should be wiped dry for that. After a few days, the hair appears again and the bristles can cause discomfort. This is the biggest drawback of this method. Besides, the skin can respond with pain and irritation if shaving was done improperly.


A trimmer can also be used for removing hair from the back. Of course, this tool cannot shave off hair as effectively as a razor does, but it allows you to quickly remove a large amount of hair. If you have a trimmer with nozzles, ask an assistant to use it on your back and remove the main volume of hair. No need to cut the hair with the roots — just try to remove the maximum amount of it. Later, you will still need a razor, but if your hair is shorter, it will be easier to shave properly.

The most important difference between the device and an ordinary clipper is that the trimmer is much more delicate for the skin. Also, there are male and female trimmers for men and women. Trimmers for women are more sensitive to the skin and they typically come with smaller nozzles. If you are a man with delicate and sensitive skin though, do not be shy to take a female model to avoid cuts and irritations.

ELOS Epilation

ELOS technology of hair removal is a more efficient and comfortable method compared to other types of epilation because it is a combination of two types of energies at once — light and high-frequency electric power. The light distributes temperature in the direction of the hair shaft and protects the skin from overheating. The electric current acts on the hair follicle and destroys it. Hair disappears gradually over three to four weeks. Then, the procedure should be repeated. A great effect can be achieved after 4-8 procedures.

This efficient method of back hair removal is relatively painless, the skin is not damaged, and the hair can be removed completely. However, special equipment is available only in salons. Also, the entire course of treatment takes a lot of time and money to achieve a noticeable effect.

Natural Remedies

People have long been wondering how to get rid of back hair using various remedies to cope with it. For instance, peroxide is often used to lighten hair on the skin. To do this, you need to mix hydrogen peroxide with liquid soap and ammonia. The problematic area is treated once a week and rinsed with water. Such manipulations will not help to remove back hair forever, but it becomes discolored and invisible.

Tinctures of horse chestnut, nettle seeds, and other natural substances are often used. Also, a mixture of ammonia, castor oil, medical alcohol, and iodine may be recommended. This solution is applied to areas of the back with excess hair using a cotton swab. The procedure is repeated daily, so after about a couple of weeks, the hair becomes brittle and falls out.

Bottom Line

So, how to get rid of back hair permanently at home? As you can see, there are a lot of ways to get rid of back hair. It is up to you to decide which of the mentioned methods is better for you. IPL handsets are gaining popularity in this regard due to their delicate removal of hair. But if we talk about methods without penetrating the inner layers of the skin, it is recommended to use waxing and sugaring. Although these methods do not allow you to permanently remove hair from your back, they are more affordable and have a cumulative effect.