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How to Get Rid of Armpit Hair?

Some people who are against hair removal state that the need to get rid of hair is imposed on people by fashion and marketers who want to sell their service to more people. But, fortunately, the number of such people decreases. More and more of them understand that hair removal is necessary because it’s a matter of personal hygiene, and the essential manipulation needed to look neat and feel confident.

Summer is coming, and soon we’ll start wearing t-shirts and tops without sleeves - that’s why our armpits should look smooth. But if you ask any person about his or her opinion as for armpit hair removal, you’ll hear that it’s one of the most annoying areas with hair for them. The armpits are almost always in sight, and finding the perfect way of hair removal that will let them look smooth is a challenge. Here are the most popular methods of armpit hair removal. Find out everything about each one and choose a convenient way for you.

At-Home IPL Hair Removal Devices

The methods impacting the hair follicle are considered to be the most effective ones. If earlier, you could do such procedures only in beauty salons, now people may buy special devices and do it at home. If you’re interested in having such a device, pay attention to IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset. The rhythm of modern life often leaves us no time for visiting salons, so purchasing your own device is the best solution. 

SkinMyDreams decided to care about people and produced a compact and affordable handset. Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Versatility. It’s possible to use it on any part of the body, including armpits. 
  • Long working life. The power of the handset is almost 300 000 flashes, which lets you use it for more than ten years.
  • Painless. People with sensitive skin and low pain threshold may safely use it and feel comfortable.

The most important advantage of this device is the price. Buying IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset is a one-time purchase, and it’s several times cheaper than buying a course of procedures even in the most affordable beauty salon. Follow the instructions and do underarm hair removal professionally without paying extra money.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is done in beauty salons. The main principle is to destroy the hair follicle with the help of laser light. Cosmetologists use a special laser - it’s the light with a single wavelength and higher light dose. The number of laser types is huge, and all of them have different characteristics: some models are used for people with light skin, others - for people with dark skin. Laser reacts to the hair pigment - melanin. The darker your hair is, the more melanin it contains and thus, the better the result will be. 

The majority of people have dark hair in their armpits, so laser armpit hair removal may be used by people of different nationalities and skin tones. To achieve the best result, you need to do several procedures in a row. This lets the laser destroy even the dormant follicles to let you enjoy smooth skin.


If you’ve looked for ways of how to get rid of armpit hair, you must have heard about electrolysis. Unlike lasers, under which the follicle is destroyed by light, electrolysis presupposes the use of electrical shock. If professionals do this procedure, you may get rid of unwanted hair for long. One procedure is time-consuming because the professional has to impact each hair follicle separately. Alternating current causes heat. The heat, in its turn, leads to the folding of the protein and destruction of the follicle.

The cells of the follicle and nearby capillaries die off, and the hair doesn’t grow anymore. If you choose electrolysis for armpit hair removal, be ready that it may be more painful and uncomfortable than when using a laser. Moreover, electrolysis has a lot of contraindications, so you should consult your therapist and find out about the possibility of doing this procedure. However, if you follow all rules and care recommendations, you may count on the excellent result. Pay attention to the choice of specialists, ask your friends about their experience, and find the reviews on the Internet. Do your best to save yourself from unskilled people and avoid complications.


Waxing is the second most popular way of armpit hair removal after laser epilation. It may be done both at home and in a beauty salon. The essence of the procedure is easy: the waxer takes hot wax, applies it to the skin with the spatula, lets it fix, and then turns it off. All unwanted hair with the follicles is left on the strip as a result.

There’s one important rule: wax should be applied in the direction of hair growth, but it should be torn off against it. The effect is temporal and lasts for 3-4 weeks: it depends on the speed of hair growth and other individual parameters. There are two most popular wax types: hot wax and wax strips. Hot wax is mainly used in beauty salons, whereas using a wax strip is an ideal way for home epilation.

This way of underarm hair removal has one significant drawback - it’s painful. Of course, each next procedure is less painful than the previous one, but if you can’t stand the pain, waxing isn’t for you.


Many people are so satisfied with the results after sugaring that they claim it to be the best way to remove underarm hair. In general, it has a lot in common with the waxing, but some aspects still differ. This way of epilation implies the use of sugar caramel. You may be surprised, but this procedure originated in Ancient Egypt. Sugar caramel should be dense because the procedure’s success depends on the texture of the main ingredient.

The master should mash the caramel to the necessary texture and only then apply it to the area of skin that should be epilated. Unlike waxing, the master does it against the grain of hair growth and tears the hair in its direction. It’s less painful than waxing. Perhaps, it’s the main reason for its popularity. It’s also hypoallergenic, safe, and effective. Besides the fact that sugaring helps to remove hair, it acts like a skin-care product because it removes dead skin cells and keeps it looking bright and smooth for a long time. The sugar is heated to a lower temperature if compared with the wax, so the risk of getting the burn and hurting the skin is minimal. If you’re suffering from ingrown hairs, sugaring will save you from this torture.


Shaving is one of the easiest and quickest ways of armpit hair removal used by millions of women and men all over the world. All you have to do is buy a sharp razor and shaving gel. But if you decide to shave, don’t hope for a long-term effect. Shaving can’t remove the follicle - it only cuts the hair off at the skin level. The significant advantage is painlessness though. Be careful when shaving and put the razor right against the grain of hair growth, without moving it from side to side. 

It’s better to shave your armpits in the shower while the skin is soft and moist. Apply some shaving gel on your armpits, raise your arm, and carefully shave the skin. It will take you 5 minutes maximum. Wash the skin out, dry it, and apply the soothing gel to smooth the skin.

Avoid shaving dry skin because you risk getting it irritated and cut. Pay attention to the direction of hair growth to get perfect results. If you don’t want to spend your time visiting salons or learning how to wax skin by yourself, choose to shave it. It’s perhaps the cheapest way of removing unwanted hair you may resort to every day and look perfect.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams for armpit hair removal have much in common with shaving: they also can’t help you get rid of hair for a long time. Such creams have special ingredients that can destroy the hair on the skin and inside of it to a depth of 1 mm. Highly alkaline components penetrate the skin, dissolve the keratin in the hair, and after some time, you remove your cream with the hair and get a smooth surface.

If you try depilatory cream for the first time, all manufacturers recommend doing a patch test. Due to the ingredients, these creams may not suit people with sensitive skin and cause irritations and burns. To avoid it, apply the cream on a small skin area and observe the reaction. If everything is okay, opt for epilation, but if you feel uncomfortable or see excessive skin redness, consider using another option.

In general, depilatory creams do not cost too much and are an effective alternative to shaving. Don’t forget to moisture the skin with special gel or lotion.


Another answer to the vital question of how to remove armpit hair is epilators. These portable devices have been on the market for a long time and are effective for getting rid of hair in any part of the body. Epilator is an electric device that acts like tweezers. You apply the epilator on the skin, the dozens of small tweezers grip and pull off the hair with its root. It may be painful, but in comparison with waxing, when we tear off a lot of hair at once, epilation is a good alternative. 

Moreover, there are lots of devices, some of which may be used in water to lower down soreness. The more you use it, the less painful it becomes. If you decide to use it, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid hair breaking and injuries. Always apply anti-irritant cream to soothe the skin. First procedures may take a lot of time, but be sure that you’ll get used to it and do it faster. The advantage of epilation is a rather long-term result and the ability to pull out the shortest hair.

Natural Remedies

You shouldn’t underestimate the natural ways of armpit hair removal. If you Google the information about it, you’ll find out lots of methods and techniques to destroy the hair using materials on hand. By the way, sugaring may be easily classified as natural remedies because all you have to do is use sugar. Besides, there are other ways of underarm hair removal, such as:

  • Turmeric. Create a turmeric paste using turmeric and milk. If you don’t have milk, use rose water. It acts like depilatory cream. Apply it on your armpits and wait for some time. Wash out the skin, dry it, and use moisturizer. 
  • Eggs. Take the egg, cornflour, sugar, and mix all ingredients. Apply them to the necessary area and wait for some time. Peel of this substance and enjoy smooth skin. However, if your hair is spiky, the result may be worse than expected.
  • Honey and lemon. Mix lemon juice with honey and use it as depilatory cream several times a week. Sometimes people leave it overnight, but we don’t recommend doing this.

Try natural remedies if you have free time for mixing ingredients and repeating the procedure several times. Don’t claim that they’re ineffective until you use at least one of the methods mentioned above.

The Bottom Line 

The methods of armpit hair removal are genuinely numerous, and finding the ideal one is a real challenge for many people. You may read the detailed description of each one and find a suitable method. It’s also possible to try each one several times and keep an eye on the skin and speed of hair growth, and define the most effective way. Statistically, more than half of people choose at-home laser epilation with IPL hair removal devices as the most effective one, but the choice is up to you.